Safety in The air
is our main priority!

Ukrainian airline, which provides services of regular, charter, internal, international freight and mail carriage.

LLC "EUROPE AIR" is constantly working to improve the safety and quality of service provided.

Questions of reliability and safety in the airline is a priority; their achievement directed the work of all services and departments. State of flight and engineering complex consists of highly qualified personnel. Strictly fulfilled all the requirements of safety and aviation security and regulatory requirements the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine.



Dimensions Wingspan (m): 50.5
Overall length (m): 46.6
Overall height (m) 14.76
Wing Area (m2) 300
The diameter of the fuselage (m): 4.8

The main characteristics of the engine
type, model, engine: turbojet, D-30KP Ser. 2
number of engines (pcs): 4
maximum takeoff thrust (MC0A, H = 0) (kg): 4 x 12000
compliance with ICAO Pril.16, C2,
Mass characteristics? Maximum take-off weight (t): 190
maximum payload (m): 50
maximum fuel capacity (l): 109500

Aircraft performance
Cruising speed (km.h): 750-780
Range with maximum load (km): 3700
Flight altitude (m): 9000-12000
Length of run (m): 1700
Path length (m): 1000
Number of seats flight crew: 6

The size of the cargo compartment
The length of the ramp (m): 24.54
Width (m): 3.45
Height (m): 3.4
Volume (m2): 321
life of the aircraft
Calendar: 20 years
Flight Number: 10000

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Country: Ukraine
Founded: 2013
Address: P.O. Box 103, Kyiv, 03058, Ukraine, 5 Nizhyns’ka Str.
Phone: +38044-220-3414
Fax: +38044-220-3415
Airport deployment: Kriviy Rig
Fleet: Il-76TD QTY 3.